Monochrome Spring

7 May

Right after I was done with final exams, I rushed back to my hometown for Easter. I was so impatient to catch up with family and friends and have some well-deserved fun! Yesterday I went out with my mom for a walk to enjoy the beautiful weather and have some ice cream!


I adore Spring, for the beauty and joy it brings in our lives. I get the feeling that summer is getting closer and closer and I put aside all the warm clothes! For yesterday’s walk in town I picked a black-and-white outfit; not the most joyful colors, but my favorite ones. Moreover, I love colorblock combinations and would always go for the classy, elegant looks. What do you guys think about my outfit?

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Off-the-Path | Class Mockery Video

6 May

Remember I told you about a special project that we are working on in my Multimedia Journalism class? Well, it’s finally here! When the end of classes approached, our professor gave us the task to create a group video, which will represent us and our blogs in an entertaining way. Oh, we got inspired! We spent the next two weeks working on the story, shooting, and editing, while having oh-so-much fun! I’m not going to talk any longer… just enjoy the video!

Multimedia Journalism Class Video:

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All Good Things (Don’t) Come to an End

24 Apr

Hello there!

It is a marvelous day outside, which prompts that the semester is going to an end. I guess it is the natural time for my final post, or at least the last I am going to be graded on! It has been a long journey so far, more than three months in blogging, and I am already in love with it. I decided to keep my blog after and share with you my love to fashion! Still, I have some final words to say on the journey I went through because it has been a quite exciting and enthralling one.

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First Storify on Spring Trends

18 Apr

Dear readers,

I know I haven’t posted for two weeks already but we’ve been busy working on a very special video! Also, today our professor, Melody Gilbert, showed us how to use Storify to generate stories. It’s quite cool actually 🙂

Expect a blog post be next Thursday and also the video we’re working on as a class!

Click here to check it out:


Miss American University in Bulgaria – Yay or Nay?

3 Apr

I have always found it hard to take a position when it comes to the controversies in beauty pageants. Feminism defines such events as highly disrespectful and shallow, as ways to objectify women and show them primarily as sexual objects. On the other side, there are the people who believe that beauty is an important quality that deserves attention, that participation in such contests is a chance for women to express themselves and have fun. I guess both opinions are equally valid, but it is not my job to judge; rather, I would like to show another point of view.

In my university, there is this annual contest called Miss AUBG Beauty Pageant. It has been its fourth year in a roll and for the short time it has existed, it initiated a lot of controversy and discussions among students and faculty. Every year there is a lot of critique going on about the contest and some considerable negativism has been expressed towards it. As much as it is fun to read and watch what the opponents have to say about it, it also strikes me that nobody bothers to flip the coin and see its other side.

Miss AUBG – The Highlights is the video I made for the event 🙂

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