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A Perception of Fashion, Male Edition.

30 Jan

Dear bloggers and readers,

It has been a hell of a week for me, even though it’s still the beginning of the semester! However, as a devoted blogger, I have promised to post regularly and find all sorts of people to talk about all sorts of topics with. Still, I never thought that the first person I will interview for my fashion blog, will be a young man! Who says fashion is only for women? Just because guys talk less about it, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t care at all!

And here I am, writing a post on a young lad’s opinion on fashion! Dimitar Balabanov is an overly-talkative sophomore in AUBG, majoring in Business Administration and Economics. However, his area of interests spreads to a wide range of topics. You can even listen to him hosting in several shows on Radio AURA – a perfect hobby for such a gregarious person!

Despite Dimitar’s versatile interests, we met to talk primarily about the impact fashion has on his everyday life. It turned out that for him, clothing is an important tool to show who you are at first sight.


Copyright: Radina Roussev

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