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When Vanity Fair Turns into a Reality Show

6 Feb

Dear bloggers,

The post you are reading is inspired by a documentary I watched in my Media Law and Ethics class a couple of days ago.

“Killing Us Softly 4” examined how advertising and fashion have distorted the ideals of femininity, causing sexism, eating disorders, and gender violence. It left me with mixed feelings, anxiety and resentment prevailing. Since when has fashion become a tool to suppress, rather than to express a person’s individuality?

There is a very thin line between veneration and addiction when it comes to fashion, and, since I am writing a blog on clothing and style, I want to make the clear statement what I am not writing about and why.


vic·tim, noun, \ˈvik-təm\ –  one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent

fash·ion, noun,  [fash-uhn]  – a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.

A fashion victim is a person, who is adversely affected by the force of prevailing custom of dress, etiquette, and, most of all, style of living.

As much as I would like to think of myself as a discoverer of the illness of modern society that fashion has become for many people, I have to say that there is nothing new under the sun. Vanity has been reigning over society for a long, long time, depriving us from what really matters – to feel good in your own skin.


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The Beginning of a Fashion Journey

23 Jan

       I have been thinking a lot on how to start my blog. Actually, I suspect that is what has been withholding me of creating one at the first place. New beginnings open doors to unknown places and to be successful out of your comfort zone, you have to create one at your new environment. However, to start fresh and not fail miserably right out, you might need a bit more than a mere ambition. A pinch of luck, a spoonful of positive attitude, and some grooming, make up of an enchanting frosting, without which, you would unfortunately be facing the chance to be just a face in the crowd, in spite of your actual intellectual capabilities. And this is where fashion comes.

      Raised by a designer, I have been reared with the belief that style matters. My mother has taught me that fashion is a lot more than a couple of pieces of clothing you put on yourself just because you can’t go out on the street naked; a matter of cultural moral I guess. After embracing fashion as art and passion, you cannot help but realize that a well-chosen closet is a key to success in nowadays’ society.


This is one of my mother’s designer scetches

       If somebody has ever told you that they are not judgmental, they have lied to you. Observation and evaluation are some of the innate instincts of Homo Sapiens, which makes first impressions absolutely important. And is there a better tool than fashion to make a straightforward statement about how awesome you are, without saying a word?

       I created this blog with the idea to examine the extent to which our closets influence our lives. I set off to a journey and I don’t know if it is more important than the destination, but it is worth the adventure. My main goal will be to collect an eclectic choice of topics that everyone can relate to, to find and observe different attitudes, styles, and opinions, and maybe find an answer to my question. At the end of the day, do clothes matter or are we too materialistic to care about inner beauty right away?

Check out my poll and let me know what you think about fashion!

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