The Oscar’s Awards, 2013.

25 Feb

Oscar Night Live at The Academy Awards 2013

Tonight all eyes are on the Academy Awards’ nominees! And tomorrow everyone’s going to talk about the celebrities’ high-top designer gowns! For the impatient, here’s a link to the live streaming of MTV. Enjoy it!


Off the Path | My First Five-Shot Video

21 Feb

My Multimedia Jorunalism classes are usually quite productive. Every week we learn tons of new ways to communicate with you guys, and today was no exception.

This afternoon’s class was very interactive and interesting. I call it “The Day of the Firsts” because now I know how to do two types of videos – a video with slideshow and audio, and more importantly – a five-shot video!

I am particularly proud of the latter one because despite the technical setbacks, I managed to do a nice video. Yes, it is very simple and short, but come on, first steps are always small!

So here it is, my magical baby video! It was inspired by all Journalism students, who are devoted to what they do and do it with love!

I hope you liked it!

Stay tuned and up-to-date with my progress with video shooting! I promise to share something better and better every week!

In the Closet of… | An “It Girl”

20 Feb

Dear reader,

You must have noticed those girls on the street. They are pretty, very natural, without too much make up, and with those stunning outfits that immediately grab the attention. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the “It Girls“, or the girls everyone wants to be. For my current post, I wanted to find such a girl and take a look into her world, and, of course learn more about the do’s and don’ts of clothing nowadays.

Erilda Hoxha, Personal Archive

Erilda Hoxha, Personal Archive.

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A Jolt of Inspiration

13 Feb

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Being inherently predisposed to the beauty of fashion, as one can easily suggest by the mere fact that I am writing a blog on clothing, I am trying to maintain a certain style that would help me stand out in a good way. Sometimes though, I have to admit, I need some inspiration in order to get out of the routine of wearing the same color gammas, combinations, and styles. Luckily, to freshen up the clothing perceptions, we need nothing more than to just go out and sink into the street style of the places we live in.

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When Vanity Fair Turns into a Reality Show

6 Feb

Dear bloggers,

The post you are reading is inspired by a documentary I watched in my Media Law and Ethics class a couple of days ago.

“Killing Us Softly 4” examined how advertising and fashion have distorted the ideals of femininity, causing sexism, eating disorders, and gender violence. It left me with mixed feelings, anxiety and resentment prevailing. Since when has fashion become a tool to suppress, rather than to express a person’s individuality?

There is a very thin line between veneration and addiction when it comes to fashion, and, since I am writing a blog on clothing and style, I want to make the clear statement what I am not writing about and why.


vic·tim, noun, \ˈvik-təm\ –  one that is acted on and usually adversely affected by a force or agent

fash·ion, noun,  [fash-uhn]  – a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.

A fashion victim is a person, who is adversely affected by the force of prevailing custom of dress, etiquette, and, most of all, style of living.

As much as I would like to think of myself as a discoverer of the illness of modern society that fashion has become for many people, I have to say that there is nothing new under the sun. Vanity has been reigning over society for a long, long time, depriving us from what really matters – to feel good in your own skin.


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