Fashion Aid | How to Dress for a Cocktail Party

20 Mar

I have always loved formal events because they are a rare occasion for me to dress up with clothes I would be feeling overdressed with otherwise. Speaking of, it is sometimes tricky and unclear how exactly to dress for formal or semi-formal events. The cocktail party I organized with my team from radio AURA for its 20th birthday inspired me for a new post devoted to dress codes, especially when it comes to cocktails!

Cocktails are usually classified as semi-formal evening or late afternoon events. They serve as a transition between two bigger events or as an event preceding a more formal one in order to reduce the number of quests, who arrive late. A cocktail is the perfect occasion for socializing with other invitees while enjoying soft alcoholic drinks like wine and cocktails, and eating appetizers. Oh, I love cocktails! However, since you are there mainly for communicating with new people it is important to know how to dress for it and make a memorable first impression! Remember that it is always better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed!

There are certain rules, for both men and women, which you can follow when choosing your outfit for a cocktail. I also talked with Dimira Teneva, who is part of the DJs team in radio AURA, and asked her for some advice. I hope you will find my post helpful!

Dimira with part of the radio crew.

Dimira with part of the radio crew.

Women, remember you are gorgeous! So use the occasion to stress on your best features and look glamorous. Depending on how formal the cocktail is, you can choose a dress that is knee-length or shorter, or you can opt for an ankle-length one.

“You can never go wrong with black,” Dimira said. “However, you should add some nice jewelry or accessories to add more glam to your look!”

You can never go wrong with a little black dress and a natural hairstyle.

You can never go wrong with a little black dress and a natural hairstyle.

The cool thing about the cocktail dress code is that it allows you to experiment with models, textiles, and colors. Yet, you should be careful not to show too much skin! Finish your outfit by adding suitable shoes, preferably high-heels, some flashy jewelry and a clutch. As for hairstyle and make-up, always go for simple and elegant styles, no need to overdo things there. Now you you are ready to enjoy the event and be the most glamorous lady there!

“I have always liked more colorful clothes and I love experimenting, but if you’re not that type, just stick to the basics,” is another advice I got from Dimira. “One-colored dresses are much easier to match with the accessories.”

As for men, there is less variety of options in my opinion. I guess this is good news for those of you guys, who don’t really feel like spending hours on choosing their attire for the cocktail! However, you still have to stick to some very simple rules! Your outfit should consist of a jacket with or without a tie, and slacks. Feel free to choose bolder colors and fashionable combinations. As for shoes, go for leather or velvet ones. No sneakers!


“I sometimes feel envious of boys because it is so much easier for them to pick up the right outfit,” concluded Dimira and I couldn’t agree more!

However, boys tend to go for more casual clothes when shopping so when it comes time for a more formal event, they don’t have what to wear. So boys, please buy shirts and slacks every once in a while; it will save you the nerves afterwards!

It is not that hard, and is actually fun to prepare for such occasions. As some describe them as vanity fairs, it is true that most people judge you on your appearance before they get to know you. For this reason, you can never go wrong by spending some extra time to show off the best of you to the others!

For a short summary on how to dress for a cocktail party, watch the video below:


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  1. Life-Changing Books March 26, 2013 at 11:06 pm #

    This is so amazing! You all looked great!

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